“HINDUSTAN HAMARA”: Big People & Double Standards

Part 2 of 5 http://www.hvk.org/2003/0403/65.html http://esamskriti.com/html/inside.asp?cat=643&subcat=642&cname=hindustan   April 2003 It is a year since our English-language media invented a hero, and the anniversary is an appropriate occasion to look at some discoveries to which that invention led. Gita Dewan Verma (Slumming India, 2002) divides the citizenry into four categories – The Big People, The Little People, […]

“HINDUSTAN HAMARA”: Big People & Double Standards – Part 2

Part 3 of 5 http://esamskriti.com/html/inside.asp?cat=649&subcat=648&cname=hindustan1 May 16, 2003   (A) Background:   The first part of this report presented Gita Dewan Verma’s classification of the citizenry and, as an example of The Big People “who fabricate the stories”, focused on the web of deceit that is the British “charity” ActionAid (AA) with spiderMander in its centre […]