108. Slay them before me

Vicharamala began its japa of Nehruvian secularism on Aug 20, 2003, with Vigilonline serving for its pouch. With this 108th and last manka, and with my sincere thanks to Vigil, the telling of the mala is completed. Nehruvian secularism is essentially the instrument by which Islam and Christianity use nominal Hindus as the frontline in […]

107. “The worst of created beings”

This offering flows from a report some time ago, in the context of “racial profiling”, that notorious Nehruvian-secularist “Shabnam Hashmi, ANHAD’s spokesperson, fears a `calculated systematic demonisation of Muslims.’” (Sunanda K Datta-Ray,”Muslims must rebut charges”, The Pioneer, Sept 9, 06). I urge all of you to read for yourselves the Holy Koran to understand the root of Hashmi’s […]

104. “Sonia Mata ki jai”

The Constitution of India recognizes “Bharat” as an alternative name for India. The world over, nationals personify their nation as “motherland” or “fatherland”. We describe our land, our nation, as our mother, and we cry “Bharat Mata ki jai”. We can no longer do so. To do so is to offend Muslim, therefore “secular”, sentiment. […]

103. The right to reject

“The enforcement of a ban on Aamir Khan-starrer Fanaa in Gujarat by the BJP Yuva Morcha was nothing but murder of democracy, noted danseuse and theatre artist Mallika Sarabhai said…… Ms. Mallika said Hinduism and democracy both have advocated freedom of speech and expression, and ‘suffocating anyone’s voice or opinion is not Hinduism.’ ‘Hinduism’s core […]

102. Let all Hindus rejoice

On May 18, 2006, the world’s last Hindu State was brought to “secular” end. Let all Hindus rejoice.* Hindu Nepal has become “a secular state” (http://www.hindu.com/2006/05/19/stories/2006051909940100.htm). Clearly, Hinduism is incompatible with “secularism”. Let all Hindus rejoice. The number of Islamic States increases steadily. Europe is becoming Eurabia Let all Hindus rejoice. In 1947, in (West) Pakistan […]

101. Ghazis Hindustani

The previous Vicharamala showed how Aamir Khan, in reel life “Raja Hindustani”, in real life is Ghazi Hindustani. This offering introduces to you some more Ghazis Hindustani. Between 1986 and 1992, at least 93 temples in Kashmir have been documented as destroyed by Muslims (www.kashmir-information.com/Atrocities/Temples/index.html). Neither the Government of India nor the Supreme Court of […]

100. Ghazi Hindustani

This offering, being the 100th, it seems apt to open it with a cricketing reference. Noted film star Aamir Khan, who scored such a win with the cricket-centred movie “Lagaan”, has chosen to take his game to a new field. Khan, from playing patriotism and secularism in films, has now graduated from reel to real […]

99. Yatha raja, tatha prashasan

Every year, for two to three weeks, I volunteer with an ngo that coaches candidates for the UPSC’s civil service interviews. This year’s seva was completed a few days ago. Each candidate, for interaction with subject specialists, two mock interviews, individual counselling, and lunch daily, pays a total fee of just Rs 501/-. That’s right, […]