Jammu and Kashmir Dilemma of Accession

 ”…it is a fantastic book…effectively captures the unknown history of Art 370…[the RCK document] that’s a very important read…in fact, it’s astounding research, it gives you a ringside view of what exactly was happening at that point of time”                                     […]

Lila Bhan’s Afterword

AFTERWORD Since I have been associated, through Krishen Kak, with Radha Rajan’s monograph, I thought it appropriate to write a few words about the much-maligned Pandit Ramchandra Kak, the Prime Minister of the Princely State of Kashmir at the time of the Partition of India in 1947. I do so, because all that is written […]


SN Pandita “The late Moti Lal Razdan ‘Saqi’, authority on Kashmir history, had said that Kashmir has strategic importance in the Indian subcontinent. It is mentioned in the Gazetteer of 1888 that ‘whosoever keeps Kashmir with him would control the subcontinent’. Born June 5, 1893 in Gautam Gotra of the Razdan (Rajanaka) clan R C […]