The ox calling the donkey horned

Part 3 of 7   “”  or  “Il bue che dà del cornuto all’asino” 28 April, 2011    An earlier essay on “the Hazare phenomenon” referred to the legal doctrine of clean hands.[1]   This is easy to understand through the English idiom of “the pot calling the kettle black”.  However, in these exciting times we need to be […]

“A Frankenstein’s monster that will devour all of us”

Part 4 of 7       11 May 2011 Three earlier essays on “the Hazare phenomenon” enlarged on the duplicity involved of Hazare and company in their crusade against corruption.[1] The essays noted, in particular, the shady financial dealings and the absence of transparency and accountability in the publicly-presented accounts of the NGOs of Hazare […]

Ten questions for Kiran Bedi

Part 7 of 7   ———————— Ten questions for Kiran Bedi Karan Thapar, Hindustan Times August 04, 2007 Has injustice been done to Kiran Bedi? That’s the question I had hoped to explore in an interview with her this evening. Alas, after accepting and reconfirming, she pulled out without giving a convincing explanation! So now […]

Open Letter to Kamlesh Parmeshwari Narwana Krishen Kak 14 March 2016 It is, as KP Narwana states, the season for open letters, and this is an open letter to you, KP Narwana, in reference to your open letters at and I am not a JNU-ite, nor would I wish to be one after reading your letters. They are […]