About Us

Krishen Kumar Kak (b.1945) was a misfit in the Indian Administrative Service from which he eventually took voluntary retirement!

He is by birth a Kashmiri Pandit; by inclination an ethologist and brahmajignasu; by training a zoologist, lawyer and cultural anthropologist; by experience a civil servant; by conviction a rationalist enchanted by the symbolism of our pagan idols; and by civilisation an independent and proud Bharati.

He believes the essence of the sanatana dharma is the Gayatri’s dhiyo yo nah prachodayat and his practice is guided by a mantra and four personal mahavakya-s.

The mantra –

Banne ke sapne mat dekho / kuchh karne ke dekho / apne aap kuchh na kuchh ban jaoge

–┬áPrime Minister Narendra Modi

His four personal mahavakya-s –

1.  It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness

2.  What cannot be cured must be endured (ideally, stithaprajna – Gita 2.54-72)

3.  Phala-trishna-vairagya / nishkama karma (Gita 2.47)

4. The Golden Rule of Reciprocity with Kak’s Rider of the Pre-emptive Strike (“Do to others as you would have them do unto you” – but if you have sufficient experience of what they’ll do unto you, you do it to them first) (Mbh 9.57.7 – Srikrishna to Arjuna: mAyAvinam ch rAjAnam mAyayaiva nikruntatu, broadly ”To those who deceive, respond with deception”.)

And he is most grateful to Abhineet Singh whose goodness of heart patiently set up and manages this archive!