Kashmir: the Thunderbolt and the Flag


In my Foreword to the second edition of Radha Rajan’s ”Jammu & Kashmir Dilemma of Accession: A Historical Analysis and Lesson”, I lamented the fact that we had no Srihanuman to take on the asuras that plague us.*

That was a year ago.  

On the 5th of August 2019 in the Rajya Sabha, and on the next day in the Lok Sabha, rose a vayuputra (yes, his father was named after the wind god) who let devastatingly loose a vayu astra that blew the asuras and their lickspittles off the field of combat.

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah (the son of Anil, a name of Vayu), in a brilliant display of chanakyan finesse, with the unstinted support of the inspired and inspiring Prime Minister, led the government in the first strategic move to righting a relatively recent great historical wrong.  

He nullified the Constitution of India’s pernicious Article 370 and vaporised the fraudulent Article 35A. 

This is the first public move to right a great historical wrong done to Ramchandra Kak, to Syama Prasad Mookerjee, to the Kashmiri Pandit community, to all the jawans who sacrificed their lives to protect our land from its enemies within and without and, above all, to a great historical wrong done to our dharmabhumi and matrbhumi.

A Constitutional battle was won decisively to re-integrate Kashmir with Bharat. 

Hope has dawned among the dispossessed.**  

A dharmayuddh has been warned to reclaim Sharada Peeth and the restoration of Kashmir as Sharada Desh, a wellspring of our civilisation.***

The asuras, within and without, are in disarray. They are desperate and fighting for their survival, and will get increasingly vicious as they lose.  

Hath vajra aur dhuvaje viraje    

And so, as a grandson of Ramchandra Kak, as a Hindu, and as a Bharati, I salute this vayuputra.



** see the video at https://twitter.com/kpnewschannel/status/1158652430663462912 

*** “Don’t you consider PoK a part of Jammu and Kashmir?… I will give my life for it… We are ready to give our lives…” (https://indianexpress.com/article/india/jammu-kashmir-reorganisation-bill-passed-lok-sabha-no-talks-with-hurriyat-amit-shah-5884095/)  

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