“Secular” text and guidebooks make much of the description of Kashmir as a paradise on earth. But in the paradise of the Koran there are no kafirs. And so, for over 6 centuries, through ups and downs, Islam has tried to approximate Kashmir to the Koranic jannat by exterminating kafir vermin from it. And in independent, free, “secular” India they have all but succeeded. The Muslims, performing their Koranic duty – 66.9, have pushed the kafirs into hell.

The Pioneer, Sept 9, 2003

[extract from:]

“Ayodhya: lost and found”

by Sandhya Jain

No two events in recent times have saddened me so much as the media response to the Archaeological Survey of India’s report on Ayodhya and Saturday’s car bomb in Srinagar which killed six persons, including a senior army officer, and injured twenty-nine others. Even though the pro-Pakistan Hizbul Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the attack, some major newspapers in the capital did not consider the event worthy of front-page coverage. If the fresh spiral of violence in Kashmir following the death of Jaish-e-Mohammed commander Ghazi Baba can be relegated to inside columns in favour of news one cannot recall ten minutes later, I believe this reflects far more than a failure of editorial judgment.

It reveals a civilizational failure among our elite, an unwillingness, or inability, to grapple with fundamental issues of identity and ethos that are fast crystallizing in the nation as a whole. These issues will not subside, not least because a religion-inspired terrorism is undermining the very secular state that protects its right to exist. None but the most obtuse can fail to see that this contradiction must give way, sooner or later…..

[The contradiction is giving way, and violently. Unless the curse of Nehruvian secularism is lifted from this country, violence will continue to increase. Sarvadharma samabhava is logically, historically, and practically a fallacy. Ayodhya, that Jain writes about, is only one example of the pernicious consequence of this curse and this fallacy. But her opening paragraphs can preface another example:]

The Pioneer, Sept 7, 2003


[extract from:]

“They are Kashmiris too”

by Dina Nath Mishra

If there is a hell, it’s in the refugee camps where Kashmiri pandits have been forced to live for the last 14 years. Dr K L Chaudhari has done a survey of their miserable life. A sample of their wretched living in pigeon holes is enough to conclude that hell cannot be worse than this.

In one camp, named Muthi, the total inmates were 2,345, the size of the room, 10×10 feet, and the number of one-room tenements, 498. There were more than seven members, belonging to three generations, packed in one room.

Dr Chaudhari also gives details of the pathetic health conditions in the camp. These include cases of trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, sleep disorders, nightmares, frozen shoulders, arthritis, muscle cramps, migrant belly syndrome, irritable bowels and hundreds of others. Add to this, economic miseries, malnutrition, abnormally high death rates and low birth rates and the picture of hell is complete.

Most of these camps are situated adjacent to city nullahs. These facts are from a study paper presented in a two-day seminar organised by the Observer Research Foundation, a few days back. Foundation chairman R K Mishra and his team visited these camps and saw these appaling conditions and decided to organise this seminar. Apart from other eminent scholars, political leaders like NC chief Omar Abdullah, PDF chief Mehbooba Mufti and Hurriyat leaders like Sajjad Lone and Shabir Shah participated. Those who attended also include Dr Manmohan Singh, leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha; I D Swami, Minister of State for Home Affairs; CPI general secretary A B Bardhan, Balbir K Punj of the BJP and former bureaucrats like M K Rasgotra and B Raman.

The recommendations of the seminar were numerous: Building two-room flats for the victims of ethnic cleansing by terrorists, extending the jurisdiction of the minority commission to Jammu and Kashmir, better medical facilities at these camps, providing employment to the children of Kashmiri Pandit community, reservation in educational, technical and professional colleges, institutions and universities and interest-free loans and financial aid to farmers and traders.

Many among the over three lakh Kashmiri Pandits are Government servants. The attitude of the successive State Governments has been deplorable and discriminatory. They even refused to pay salaries to the migrant Government servants. The Pandits went to the High Court and won the case. The State Government appealed in the Supreme Court. The Pandits won in the Supreme Court also, but the State Government did not budge. Then the Pandits filed a petition against the non-implementation of the Supreme Court order, but the State Government pleaded that the Pandits were being treated as employees on leave and agreed to pay the basic salary.

This is nothing new. Hindus of J&K have always been discriminated against. The ethnic cleansing by the Islamists is continuing. Hindus from the Valley have totally been uprooted. Now, Doda, Rajouri, Poonch and some parts of Kathua are the targets of the terrorists, in their campaign to drive Hindus out from their traditional homes.

From all other districts, the ethnic cleansing is almost complete. The population of Muslims in these districts is above 95 per cent.

Historically, distress migration of Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan and the North-West due to terror tactics, has been an ongoing process. From Afghanistan, the last batch of distress migrants was forced out to India some 15 years back. It’s by this process of ethnic cleansing and conversion that the area, which is called Pakistan today, has been ethnically cleansed of Hindus and Sikhs. The final cleansing had taken place at the time of the Partition at the cost of immense bloodshed and migration of millions to India.

Those, who have brutally and methodically cleansed the Valley of all Hindus, will not allow them to return to their homes, for these have been captured and occupied and their shrines and temples vandalised, looted and auctioned.

To legalise their forcible occupations, these ethnic cleansers have forced the Pandits to agree to distress sales of their properties.

Those who are talking of a return of the Pandits back to the Valley should remember that the Islamists have never allowed the reverse migration. If this indeed happens, it would be unprecedented.

Islamists don’t need the support of five per cent or 10 per cent of the Muslim population. The support of even 10 persons out of 1,000 is sufficient for them to carry out ethnic cleansing…..

[At the seminar were the NC chief, the PDF chief, a Congress chief, Hurriyat chiefs, and their fellow-“secularists” – all fenceposts who themselves had eaten the crop. All part of the strategy that has consigned the KPs to “hell”, which is exactly the place the Koran specifies for nonbelievers – 21.98. Why did the Abdullahs never notify the KPs a minority community? Why do some call the Mufti the butcher of Anantnag? Has not Mr Wajahat Habibullah of the J&K cadre of the IAS publicly stated that the mosques were calling for the death of the Pandits? Is there not sufficient evidence that the State itself led the persecution of its Hindus?

In the Best Bakery case the Supreme Court of India was pleased to open its eyes for Gujarat. The Chief Justice instructed the Gujarat government, “You have to protect people and punish the guilty. What else is raj dharma? You quit if you cannot prosecute the guilty…..Just because nobody had been punished for the last 40 years, it does not mean that we should shut our eyes” (The Hindu, Sept 13, 2003, http://www.hindu.com/2003/09/13/stories/2003091305050100.htm).

True, very true. But what about Bihar where the rule of law has collapsed (V’mala- 11)? What about Rajasthan where the High Court has stated that “The state Government does not intend to even nominally check corruption, let alone end it” and itself has begun gradually to oversee the administration of the State (Rohit Parihar, “Long Arm of the Law”, India Today, Sept. 22, 2003, p.26)? What about Kashmir with its deracination of the KP community? Never mind the last 40 years, this is today. Why is nobody punished there? Why is nobody asked to quit there? Why no Supreme Court lessons in rajdharma for Bihar, Rajasthan and Kashmir? – check out

The Pioneer’s carefully-worded editorial “Tarry, My Lords”, Sept 15, 2003, http://www.dailypioneer.com/indexn12.asp?main_variable=EDITS&file_name=edit1%2Etxt&counter_img=1

Surely it is a coincidence that the governments of Bihar, Rajasthan and Kashmir all profess to Nehruvian secularism, and therefore need no homily on good governance.

The President of India who rushed to Gujarat after his appointment then took a leisurely 10 months to go to a KP camp in Jammu. What happened to his assurances to the KP refugees, including that they “will be accorded internally displaced status”?

The National Human Rights Commission does not apply to Kashmir the same standards it applied in Gujarat.

Nehruvian secularists scurry all the way to the USA to scream bloody murder in Gujarat, but do not find it equally necessary to go to Kashmir or scream likewise for its Hindus. Hinduism, these “secularists” tell us, is tolerant, peaceful, compassionate, gentle, and accepting. Well, was this not the Hinduism of the KPs in Kashmir? Were we not good Indians in Kashmir? Were we not good citizens there? So why did we have to flee?]

The Pioneer, Sept 12, 2003


[extract from:]

“Citizenship on the cards”

by Balbir K Punj

Time and again the security forces have apprehended illegal immigrants who sneak in with the intention of causing disruptions in this country. The disturbing situation is that fundamentalists are using immigrants illegally brought into the country as their fifth column, in addition to local recruits, to carry out acts of extreme violence. Thus, illegal immigration isn’t a question of mere numbers. It is part of a larger plan to subvert the country itself……

Top BJP leaders had been pleading for it to differentiate Indian citizens from aliens in the border areas right from the 1980s, but the then Governments always looked at the demand from the communal angle and votebank politics and did not dare to undertake a job that would have helped end the infiltration into India…..

[And there you have it. That’s Nehruvian secularism for you. Who are the real communalists in India? “Secular” political parties push out Hindu Indian citizens from Kashmir and, illegally pulling in Muslim Bangladesh citizens, put them onto our electoral roles – just as they had an Italian citizen because she was a Nehru bahu. Nehruvian secularists shrill democracy is in danger when Muslims are affected in Gujarat – but not as Hindus continue to be affected in Kashmir. Nehruvian social activists agitate about the Muslim camps in Ahmedabad, but not about the KP camps in Jammu and elsewhere.

“…..and what’s their reason? A Pandit is a Hindu. Hath not a Pandit eyes? hath not a Pandit hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Muslim is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? if we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Hindu wrong a Muslim, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Muslim wrong a Hindu, what should his sufferance be by Muslim example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me, I will execute; and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction” (adapted from the Merchant of Venice, III.i)

And so Hindus are learning that the only language butchers understand is the language of butchers. There is a word that encapsulates this wisdom. Reciprocity. Even the Pandavas finally understood it, and therefore survived.]